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About Sean Boyd

My humble secret space lab is based deep in the mountains of Central Otago, New Zealand. My passion is creating one of a kind original sci-fi art works that are predominantly made from junk (found objects). I create ray guns, sci-fi lamps, jetpacks and odd curiosities.
Each piece has a ridiculous and humorous story attached to it that is based around the item being requested by a fictional character and unfortunately the item never functions as planned and so ends up being for sale on this site as an ornament only. You can view the stories by visiting the 'Gallery' page and hovering your mouse over the selected picture.
All my ray gun creations are created to look and feel real. They are balanced and have realistic weight to them. Some of my works look new, while others are scratched, worn, dented and discolored. This all adds to the real look and feel as if they were discovered during an archeological dig on Mars. Each piece I create is a genuine one of a kind item and is signed and dated. Every item is robust and solid and I never create anything the same. So anything you own of mine is the only one in the galaxy like it!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE (90% of my work is shipped to other countries).

Commissioned Pieces 

I create commissioned pieces to the theme of the customer. For example: a ray gun, jet-pack or device from coffee related items to compliment a cafe environment.
There is no obligation to purchase any commissioned piece because they will always appeal to someone. So give me a challenge and see what I can create for you. 

These works of art are great icebreakers or conversation pieces for any home or business. They encourage discussion and wonderment at trying to identify the items used to create each piece.
Please feel free to contact me through the contacts page if you require more photos, information or would like to purchase a unique work of art.
More photos can be viewed at

VIP List Email Notification

A large proportion of my work is sold through my VIP list and is shipped overseas before being put up for sale on the 'Shop' page. If you join the VIP list (by simply sending me an email requesting to join from the 'Contact Me' page) you will receive pictures of freshly completed works and, ones that are in progress and the opportunity to purchase items before they are made public.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my creations...
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